Every parents/guardians and society seek the best academic institution so that their children can build their career, shape the future and have peace and prosperity in this 21st century. Modern Boarding Secondary School, Modern English Secondary School and Modern College are the ones that fulfill their dreams. We are marching ahead with a dedicated team of well qualified and experienced lecturers, professors, professional management staff, sufficient physical facilities, serene environment with a wide range of academic mission of imparting modern approach of quality education and giving each child an experience of happy learning. We believe ‘learning by doing”. Hence, our faculties take each class in a practical way and engage the students much in field and project work. We believe that students are those necessitate a healthy learning atmosphere to shine themselves as the pride of nation and dignity of the world being well-skilled professionals. We aim at facilitating our students to see the horizon of the world with their footsteps at the entrance of MODERN.

Modern is running Bachelor’s programmes at Srijana Nagar, Bhaktapur behind Transportation Management Service Office. The college is named as Universal Modern College.

Modern English Secondary School has been run at the same place.

Mr. Anil Kaspal